We at Sellmark are doubling down on our commitment to back the blue by offering new and exclusive pricing on red dots, reflex sights, scopes, night vision, thermal units and more for LE departments and officers nationwide.

Advantages of working with us

Dedicated Point of Contact

Work with a personal account manager who consults with you to determine the best equipment for your needs and is your contact for post-sale support.

Law Enforcement Experts

Our specialized law enforcement team spearheaded by an active 17 year veteran law enforcement officer understand the day-to-day elements of your job and make the process simple. 

Women-owned Corporation

Honored as one of the "Great Women of Texas," Dianna Sellers is the driving force behind this Mansfield-based optics company. With vast growth in 2017 and an additional office located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dianna has been honored alongside some of the sharpest and most renowned women in the Lone Star State.

Contract#: 47QSWA18D001K

DUNS#: 005884163

Small Business: s

Woman Owned: o

Woman Owned (WOSB): wo

State & Local Cooperative Purchase: Y

State & Local Disaster Recovery: Y

We appreciate the work and sacrifice you and your family make to do what you do.

Product Demonstration and Testing Programs Available

Contact: 817-225-6650 or

Cooperative Purchasing / Disaster Recovery Programs

The General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM), Part 538.7001, Definitions, offers the following definition of state and local governments:

"The States of the United States, counties, municipalities, cities, towns, townships, tribal governments, public authorities (including public or Indian housing agencies under the United States Housing Act of 1937), school districts, colleges, and other institutions of higher education, council of governments (incorporated or not), regional or interstate government entities, or any agency or instrumentality of the preceding entities (including any local educational agency or institution of higher education), and including legislative and judicial departments."